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Rules and Regulations

Centene Community Ice Center Adult Hockey League

Welcome to the 2021 Summer Adult League Hockey season at the Centene Community Ice Center. We are looking forward to offering a the new premier adult hockey league in the St. Louis metro area. We offer a wide variety of divisions ranging from beginner to advanced and will governed by the rules and regulations of USA Hockey.

Choosing to play in our leagues not only gives you the opportunity to play hockey in our world class facility, but also lets teams play hockey on consistent nights of the week. We know work commitments, travel schedules, family obligations, college classes, etc, can make it difficult to find time to play hockey. The last thing we want you to worry about is fitting hockey into your busy schedules. Hence our commitment to consistency.

We will also be committed to equal levels of play. As subjective as this may be, we want to make sure teams come to the facility knowing they are going to get a competitive game. Division parody is important to us and we will monitor each division and place teams appropriately.

As far as comradery, we got that covered. Our on-site bar and restaurant will be the perfect place to congregate with fellow adult leaguers to grab a post-game drink. In closing I remind everyone of the true and horrifying fact; after the game we still need to wake up the next day and go to work. All we ask is this… get in a good skate, get a good sweat, shake your opponent’s hand, keep our locker rooms clean and remember to ‘Relax, It’s Just A Game’